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In Canada:
“the buck
stops here”


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– If you calculated the odds of anyone holding such a screwed up birth record and ID, it would easily be well over a million to one

– Then calculate the odds that this ‘exception person’ would be using this uniqueness to trigger Manifest Destiny of Romans 7-thru 13 and the odds would easily be well over a billion to one

To not believe this man’s claims to be just a messenger of the Spirit of life and to prepare for the imminent return of the Messiah is at best foolish, especially when the message is so Pure
Upholding Creation is the solution to a better world, where the meek inherit the earth [Rom 8- 17]

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strawman  rights are to authority like Skeletons in a closet

This is the document filed on my Sept 28th court appearance, when

I charged the courts with criminal insanity

A politician has, in strawman rights, a Constitutional guarantee to protect beliefs the majority considers wrong or false;
– It’s the bank’s beliefs they are protecting and

I guarantee you: God thinks using OUR children to back our debt ridden economy with their blood money is evil reincarnate

Perversion of the law [with words] through lexicography is an addiction that inevitably leads to criminal insanity. absolute power corrupts absolutely under
<respodeat superior>

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s Office [technically ] – under this new “color of office” converted your ‘Birth Certificate’ into a ‘warehouse receipt’

Under the 1985 Bank Act, in order that your children can be used as chattel to back further advancement of notes, for the purposes of printing more money

And you agreed to this conversion, by voting to being the ‘free trade’ of NAFTA… under economic duress
Vote often for more [abuse of power] with the Sunset Provisions of the Act

Absolutely everyone is entitled to a valid
Because my birth record is so screwed up means I’ve never held one
Under Sec 337 CCC Paul Hancock must deliver me to the proper authority or issue me an original BIRTH CERTIFICATE [period]

Peace! I’m a natural person a free man on the land, just Peacefully trespassing on the Crown’s domain (s-39) Ps: All of this jive is denied without strawman rights

Since the Persian Empire, the Post Office has been a natural person
Delivering the Queen’s mail is an ‘age-old’ cornerstone of Commerce itself.
This ORDER IS also the cornerstone for defending against Highway robbery, which is what the bank’s are doing, by usurping our civil rights.
Warning: their hammer is real soon
Click Here for my S-337 CCC CHARGE against Canada Post’s new contract security forces. Ps: The Bible calls it to divide the forces of death, with a message of righteousness in the Spirit of life

This link will get you to APPENDIX 1 thru 7

each file is 1-page long, & holds a clean 1-page legal argument per page

I filed it in the record of more than one case file and served it on everyone
From this point on my intent was clear.

The Queen’s
Coat of Arms hangs in every courtroom in the 

– This now means the BANKS rules over the courts under economic duress

This link will get you to APPENDIX 1 thru 7

each file is 1-page long, & holds a clean 1-page legal argument per page

I filed it in the record of more than one case file and served it on everyone
From this point on my intent was clear.

Quote from r v Big M Drug Mart: The Charter ruled that “England’s definition of God was irrelevant [dead] in our multi-cultural society”

This landmark decision changed history and is predicted as the shame [SIN] of the wicked generation, for ‘converting’ all our children into BONDS from birth… Click Here

Hey this means you
To defend a Claim of Right
– You really need to know and pitch a good legal argument, when asked…
NOTICE: In order to operate a lawful compassion club under Marc Boyer’s Claim of Right you need to form an EDA.
– Ps: (Electoral District Association)

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It’s how I’ve been getting the message out

Ignorance is no excuse
but IN STUPIDITY is a powerful legal defense
Click Here to see how I charged the Crown with CRIMINAL INSANITY

DENIAL IS MORE THAN A RIVER IN AFRICA– Paradise is there for the taking.

Wake up from your slumber.
There’s really no profit in destroying Creation

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