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The ‘principle of consent of the governed”
is the most power tool devised by man, to effect a makeover
without the use of physical and economic force.
 (Archibald Cox)
Denial of Consent is a very powerful tool, especially when I hold an iron clad claim to hold a void contract with society itself

3-years after entering this document
at my arraignment hearing, I’m about to face a
Chief Justice with a Claim of Right to challenge the Act of Supremacy of 1559

I am undertaking a direct challenge to Manifest Destiny, as defined in Romans 13.
to covert the Supremacy of God to the Supremacy of God’s Creation [Heb 10]
Think about it as an Expression of God Grace with a tsunami of love into a new Covenant

I live in Vancouver BC (Canada) – My name is Marc Boyer

– this is my first mug shot, I’m actually a nice guy
This picture was taken 9 months later.
And this picture was taken about a year ago

Ps: when I’m sick,
I’m really sick, when
I’m healthy life’s good.

I started growing a beard at Christmas,
on the New Years resolution to be Santa Clause

I know there’s a pun there somewhere 
[for more photos]

need to say something personal:

My NOTION of Creation uniting us under a PUBLIC TRUST has been a clear plan for at least 5-years. It is being presented as a political movement, on the grounds that I saw this idea as being too volatile to be a religion. – It would start a holy war.

As a political movement, it can unite us all, and to get here
– I had to be alone, because I was doing very dangerous things.

  In Creation we trust:   Sounds like a good idea.   
I believe that by converting IN GOD WE TRUST to IN CREATION WE TRUST
that everything changes to a better world for everyone
The uniqueness and timing of this NOTION reveals its true nature

the message is HOPE – somehow it’s been lost
Hope is contained in the 2nd Commandment.

WE are one tenth the way of a 1000 generations promise.
Our tithe has been paid- we are entering Paradise on Earth
We’re returning to the mindset of the ancients [metanoia]
Anyone who thinks we can survive a decade let alone 36,000 years without this Gift
is dreaming. To believe it will never happen, means you ‘hold’ no HOPE in our soul.

The message is convert TO UPHOLD CREATION in order to be in the Spirit of life and
do ‘an about face’ [metanoia] of the old order, which was TO UPHOLD GOD.
The simplicity of this solution, and it’s impact on society is Creation from CHAOS.

We are on the verge of evolutionary leap into the
Creation itself. 
(within the creation itself is a dimension
that is void of evil itself)

The closest notion to it is now called a paradigm shift.
The original ‘Greek-written’ bible called it metanoia, & this Greek term contains a larger concept that’s been lost for ages. The new bible(s) calls it ‘repent’ which does not come close to being an accurate expression.
This change of mindset is an extremely joyous event

Romans 7 says we would not know the law without having sin defined in the 10 Commandments

The 9th Commandment of “do not lie” is gone. It’s the single largest difference from evolving from being a child to being man. The reward is TRUTH SETS US FREE.
Our present lack of awareness comes from a huge portion of our brain being inactive

I am very close to fulfilling prophecy contained in Romans to forgive all debt in the world
Romans 13 says: When no debt is left outstanding, we will be embraced by a continuous debt of love, and we will be entering Paradise, where there is only 5 Commandments

IMAGINE: One morning awaking to becoming more interactive on a conscious level with one another.
It’s an awakening to the realization that we have one soul.
It’s not that we can not have privacy, it’s that it’s not our nature to lie, because it stands out so badly, and it disturbs our soul
(especially the one you lied to). Lying becomes a futile act.
(the closest concept will be a sin under adultery of the truth)
This new awareness is an empowerment;

we are being offered the Spirit of life.
It’s God blessing us with a promise of a new creation

As to prophecy, I’m all too human, and believe me, nobody wants to be Jonah
My price for shrinking is what motivates me to persevere; as outlined in Hebrews 10
My Faith is well described in Hebrews 11. I am a son, as we will all become real soon.
The wonder is the appearance of the Sons of a living God, and
it’s not me doing it; it’s your FAITH that will set you FREE.

i AM BUT A MESSENGER There’s such a huge message, & frankly it will be a passion to explain it fully, but its wonder will only be fully delivered across the next 36,000 years.

This will be when the Messiah of the Sons of the living God returns, as opposed to the Jewish & Islamic NOTION of a man who redeems them
There will be many raptures, In the meantime welcome to a brave new world;
but it comes with the curse of living in interesting times

the following apology was posted more than once, when the need to protect others
from my radical behavior, and It needs to be posted again

I owe an apology to too many good friends and activists who gave me very good advice, and I regret creating an alienation of many people in this movement, by not following it. I accept that – when people looked at what I was doing for the past 3-years, without knowing the end plan that I was (am) off the wall, and a lot of people may have written me off as nuts.
I had to endure that, because I couldn’t get here without stealth.

I simply could not have gotten here without everybody else ramming them from every direction.
I’m ramming through a solution, (not the solution), the solution is in your heart, I’m just showing you mine. My hope is that when you look at where I’m at now, you can see through a first impression, or a rumor, and that I did this to unite us, and I’m not finished.

We are just starting the next page. I have to start a ripple, and it needs to turn into a tsunami, of hope and passion. Once this idea of CREATION gets out everything will change, In the event that you can help, it would be appreciated, The best thing you can do is pass the idea of CREATION on, I really don’t understand why such a simple idea, has been so illusive.

My anonymity was protected by prophecy: ‘no prophet will be recognized at home’

Ps: This message needs your Peaceful participation
Publishing this web site is part of the plan to get the message out
The 2nd part is you sending this message on an SOS to the world

 can do something about it.
Send this web site by email to all your friends on your list
The truth will set you free; be creative in expressing it.


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