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In Canada:
“the buck
stops here”


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Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s Office [technically ] – under this new “color of office” converted your ‘Birth Certificate’ into a ‘warehouse receipt’

Under the 1985 Bank Act, in order that your children can be used as chattel to back further advancement of notes, for the purposes of printing more money

 strawman  rights are to authority like Skeletons in a closet
This document shows how my case file is what Romans called:
 ‘a snare and trap, & a stumbling block”
These documents were filed at my Sept 28th court appearance, where I charged the courts with criminal insanity

I filled this document with the City registry and I had to invoke a standing prohibition court, order in order to get an appointment with Paul Hancock
I get to seek him on Monday May 28th 10: PM at City Hall

SERVED ON – May 22, 2007 – hand delivered to Vancouver City Hall


FROM: Marc Boyer [the Candidate], NFA Vancouver BC
TO:      TWIMC; The DIRECTOR – Paul Hancock, His Worship the Mayor Sam Sullivan
RE:      To providing clarity to my identity issue, on issuing me an original BIRTH CERTIFICATE

  1. My Statement of Birth was fraudulently converted in 1989 by the Deputy Registrar of Ontario. 
  2. This means that under sec 340 CCC, the ‘Queen’ has broken the contract to ‘hold’ my person. 
  3. To further complicate this issue: I have never been issued an original BIRTH CERTIFICATE
  4. Furthermore, the Crown holds no authority over me, until this fraudulent possession is redressed.
  1. Because this crime was committed against an ‘adult’ makes me a slave (period), under Sec 338 CCC
    1. Had I asked for a 2nd Passport since then, would ‘imply that I agree’ to this conversion;
    2. I ‘will’ not do this, as I perceive this conversion of my birth to be violating the Law of Moses.
  1. Under Sec 337 CCC this court must address my inaliable right to be issued a BIRTH CERTIFICATE
    1. This court must address the issue that I lawfully can only land in King George VI’s Registry  
  1. In Provincial Court File file #180671 – 1: I hold a court order where I cannot address my identity issue with my M.P. – Libby Davies – In this Affidavit, her Office openly recognizes me as a member of her Constituency, therefore SHE is acting on my be’half’, and recognizes my Official landed status as being in her riding, which means I can be recognized as ‘landed’ in the City of Vancouver
    1. As to attached documentation this position of refusing to address her fiduciary trust constitutes criminal insanity by the Crown and Libby, and this passes the responsibility of addressing my inaliable right to a BIRTH REGISTRY, onto His Worship Sam Sullivan.

The solution to my BIRTH CERTIFICATE, by definition, must be resolved before I am issued a second Passport, on the belief that I cannot stay or leave without resolving a guarantee to the ‘security of my person’ with this issue, and no body can deprive me of this most basic human right

  1. I am ‘entitled’ to a BIRTH REGISTRY that does not deprive me of any rights as a Loyal Subject
  2. Since the Crown is liable under Sec 340 CCC, no Justice can refuse to recognize my solicitor, and or ignore my desire to be a Canadian, or a Commonwealth citizen in King George IV’s Registry
  3. In order to not be deprived of basic human dignity graced by being His Loyal Subject and citizen
  1. As to a friendly conversation with Paul Hancock:  We agree that a remedy is by soliciting him for a BIRTH CERTIFICATE, which converts THE DIRECTOR Paul Hancock into being my solicitor.

On the solid ground THAT:

    1. Under his fiduciary trust, he holds the liability, to address and/or issue me an identity.
    2. On the grounds of belief THAT: no lawyer will touch my case, because it insults the BAR and the very reason this Office is restricted from being held by a member of the BAR, is in order to preclude the abuse of his Office, which could occur from violating the Law of Moses.
    3. Under his fiduciary trust, he must undertake to be my solicitor to petition a Justice to rule on who holds jurisdiction to resolve my BIRTH CERTIFICATE issue, let alone my Passport issue
    4. Because, it arguably should not be in his jurisdiction to act unilaterally on these issues.
  1. It is my understanding THAT: a tribunal is the only ENTITY with the authority to address the liability and awards contained in issuing me this BIRTH CERTIFICATE [and]
    1.  By having His Worship the Mayor, The Director [as my solicitor], and a Justice THAT
    2. This court can address this issue to a tribunal with the authority of 2 or 3 of these witnesses

On the grounds of Belief THAT
The very nature of this disclosure constitutes an opportunity to fulfill the trust of the Commonwealth
So be it.

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