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The return of Jonah
Is Jesus’ prophecy of the end times when a man with a righteous message of the Spirit of Life will be the 1st sign of God’s promise of a new Creation.
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The Book of Romans is where our Future Glory
Is revealed in the Bible.
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NOTICE OF LIABILITY: contained in my Challenge of the Act of Supremacy 1559 – [the Act]

UPHOLDING CREATION fulfills the prophecy of the new Covenant in Hebrews 10

You are ruling on the message to Metanoia
‘a change of mindset’
 [16] of God’s new covenant, which will put His law in your hearts, and have them written into your minds- & as I tried to warn you:
[26] “If we deliberately keep on sinning after receiving the knowledge of the truth, then you will face the continuous fear of final judgment by a raging fire [the white hornet]
[27] Anyone who rejected the laws of Moses died without mercy, on the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses

My court challenge forces the courts to rule that ‘to uphold Creation’ is the new Covenant and my ‘identity issue’ is a violation of Moses’ law

This tribunal is responsible for recognizing a new Covenant or rejecting Moses’ law. So be it.

[33] It is a dreadful thing to fall in the hands of the living God
[34] Let it be known that I sympathize with you who are still prisoners
[of Baal] and [35] I joyfully accept the confiscation of my property.
– I will not pursue a damages award, because – I have been liberated from having to pursue you; redemption is now returned to my Lord’s domain 

In reference to Romans-7-onTo continue sinning [period] means
– [sinning here means to continue violating Moses’ law]
Each and every one of you desires to reject the message of
the Spirit of Life contained in UPHOLDING CREATION; as in

[8:17] you deny that upholding Creation is sharing
in the burden
 [11:27-28] you refuse to recognize
the fact that upholding Creation is the answer to a new Covenant that turns godliness away from Jacob

[13] To refuse to recognize that by simply following the law,

you will enjoy an opportunity to manifest Destiny
is beyond being utterly evil

But frankly to believe that what is transpiring is not predicted in Hebrews 10, as a moment where the destiny of mankind will be determined with just the faith of two or three witnesses is your fate.

It’s not my choice on how many ways you prove to be faithless.

Look at the facts: You refuse to recognize that

the same messenger of the Spirit of Life also holds:
[1] a case file that was predicted in Romans 9-on, as ‘the snare and trap’, and you then ignore that:
[2] my fraudulent identity issue does convert this snare and trap into ‘the stumbling block’, and
[3] that my identity issue exposes the very nature
of God’s chosen people violating Moses’ law, and

[4] to believe that all of this can be discounted to being irrelevant,
– as I was told by Elections Canada – would seem absurd to anyone

[5] This is especially true, when my damages award fulfills what can only be called the best of all possible retributions that a disobedient and obstinate people could ever ask for… 

[6] It’s unconscionable to not embrace this opportunity when this messenger is not seeking personal gain, and it’s being delivered solely to redeem Israel and
‘paying her double for her hard service’ – [Isaiah]
[7] To believe this damages award is frivolous and vexatious
, and does not show any hope to fulfill the promise contained in Isaiah 40-on is to totally be in denial of God Almighty, let alone His grace
[8] it means that Israel refuses to be redeemed from the burden of debt, as in Heb 10, and Mat 24 which means everyone will need to be liberated from the sinful nature of God’s chosen people.

[9] If you can’t see the difference between being redeemed
of all sin, and being footstools for failing to redeem everyone from
the bondage of the creation‘s decay, then that’s your call,
It is not my fault for pressing an answer, or in other words,
for not shrinking from pursuing and presenting the truth

[10] To refuse to recognize that
 the form would not find remedy under the Act of Supremacy is to deny this revelation of a fundamental truth that can only be called METANOIA
[by definition: this NOTION is a total about face]

1] BASIC PREMISE: Everyone who holds an oath to uphold God swears or affirms to uphold everything substantive
2] METANOIA: God is everything and he created everything substantive [undisputable] the Creation is everything substantive
TO UPHOLD CREATION is the order of ‘things’ in Paradise
3] This notion shows that the world has been lead down the wrong ‘garden path’ for 7000 years, [no one can be blamed]

This tribunal holds the promise contained in Hebrews 10:

[16] to recognize the new Covenant
[17] where their sins and lawless acts, [through metanoia] will simply be not be remembered anymore 

To obstruct with the triggers that start the fulfilling of Isaiah 40–on, and to believe that the promise of the truth setting us free contained in Romans 13 is not being pressed is to be in total denial to the obvious that it’s futile to refuse God, and
it’s unconscionable to mock God’s grace,
[Hebrews 10:39]
– But we are not those who shrink back and are destroyed, but those who believe and will be saved

To continue sinning – [sinning here means to continue violating Moses’ law] Means these 2 or 3 witnesses [tribunal] are literally confirming all of Israel to be the wicked and adulterous generation that is outlined by Jesus in Matthew 23:  

Israel will in essence be converted to saving the world
 from the Supremacy of God Almighty.
This is a pathetic battle, where the only benefit is
‘the trading of children for men’. 
You truly deserve this pathetic fate, by banking on a belief that God would not give his chosen people
the free choice to condemn themselves,

Now try to see this from my perspective:
It’s not as if I am oblivious to the dangers that are in my face
– It’s just that it’s irrelevant compared to my dread of shrinking.  
– If you see this as a no win situation for you and me then you’re right, but that is your choice.   
– I openly admit that it’s not my choice whether I want Luke’s version of Jonah and or a Banquet to occur, or if, it’s Matthew’s Jonah, and a long drawn-out Wedding that occurs.  My obligation is to not shrink;
To just persevere in revealing the message of the new Covenant, because it is just different path to the same reward. 

As in Romans 9:6 – It’s not as if God has failed
[16] it does not depend on man’s desires or [my] efforts,
but on God’s mercy.

[25] I came to call them my people who are not my people,
and I will call her my loved one who are not my loved one
– I have been pursuing the fulfilling of a promise with the Order of the Garter, and as to my path in prophecy, and as to the last ruling, there is a new horizon, I was told that I am free to go.

I’ve been singularly pursuing what looked like the obvious choice;
B ut now I must be prepared to basically include any other people who are not my people who hold the faith to be sons of the living God.  I will never question my Lord, but I simply cannot imagine why you shrink, from seizing a moment to surrender to perfection.

From the very beginning, I was convinced that
‘the men of the Nineveh’ was a Sec 11 tribunal.

I recognize this remedy is in your domain  But recognize that to refuse metanoia means you accept the consequences for the entire body’s belief that no one needs to be accountable to Moses’ law.

If Israel refuses to recognize an offer to be redeemed, of all debt, then you seal your own fate, and you must face the consequences of kneeling to Baal, or surrender to perfection in the Creation itself
Romans 10: But concerning Israel “all day long I have held my hands out to a disobedient and an obstinent people
[11]: I ask then…  Did God reject his people?  By no means;

He has saved 7000, who have not knelt to Baal
, and God gave them the spirit of stupor, until the very end, and He ends in Hope: [11:32] For God has bound all men to disobedience,
so that he may have mercy on us all

With this PETITION to resolve my identity issue, you’re being presented
with one more opportunity to Redemption [payment of all debt]

– where the Gentiles would be the greatest benefactors;
– where this rejoicing would cause the envy of all Israel. 
If you can’t imagine that all Abrahamic faiths and all re-incarnationists would not find remedy and rejoice from this initiative, then you really are despots.

If you can’t imagine that this thrust of positive energy

created by the Redemption of all debt would not be the cause a huge paradigm shift that would generate from among us the appearance of the Conquerors of love, [Rom 8] then you really are void of love,
Then you simply don’t want to come without a bloodbath and regrettably you may get your wish come true; it’s not my choice.
If you can’t imagine that the payment of all debt would be a better solution
then heading down the same ‘garden path’, then that’s your call.

But, you have to face the fact that, as I see it,

it’s my shrinking that causes this horror to occur, and
If you cannot see that this fulfills the prophecy of literally being the one who is living on faith in Hebrews 10, then you really are blind to the wonder of walking through the valley of death with no fear of evil
For He will harden those He has chosen

Now take heed of a Special Notice
I am being compelled to file this Petition on Short Leave

in order to benefit from acting while the fig leaves are tender,
in order to enjoy the full promise in Matthew 24, and
I must emphasize that no one knows the hour,
not even the angels, and by no means am I saying that
this is the last day, but I am convinced that, when we look back,
we will see that pressing this issue will trigger our end times,
which always was a new creation. So be it.

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