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Click here to get to a more religious slant of this message of challenging the Act – this legal action fullfills Hebrews 10on, Romans 7on & exposes a choice of 2 paths in Jesus’ phophecy of Jonah that are contained in Isaiah 4 and/or 40on

This challenge to the Act of Supremacy 1559 [the Act]
holds the promise of Peace on Earth
As a pre-amble to this presentation: It must be noted that the Act of Supremacy of 1559 is the grand daddy of all grand-father clauses, and the faster it becomes common knowledge means that the greater the number of people who file a challenge to this Act, will simply accelerate the opening of a Pandora’s Box of possibilities and all of them lead to greater freedom, and less authority to Constitutionally abuse power against it’s citizens,  

 I’m convinced that by just revealing this Achilles heal will be the fulfilling of a Peaceful way to fulfill the prophecy of ‘lambs to the slaughter’,
by filing a valid Petition to a Justice to seek remedy, under the Act on your initiative

In so far as my application to Challenge the Act: 
Due to the fact that I’ve been setting them up for a big fall

– means that I’m challenging the Act from so many directions that it can only be called the fulfilling the intent of this Act.
This is a promise contained in the rule of law, that this act was necessary, to caste off the old and it would lead to the return to a better form of ‘normative order and civilized life’, [which is what was taken away], and this return would be called Manifest Destiny

In fairness, it must be noted that what the Act of Supremacy replaced
is the order where the Pope was Supreme and infallible
over even Kings, and that this power was being so thoroughly abused that it forced every Christian Nations to rise against the Church’s abuse of power
This is where the age old expression ‘power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely’ came from

My contention is that returning to ‘civilized life’,
 under the intent of Canada’s Charter of Rights of 1976 can arguably be defined as the best of all platforms for returning society to ‘civilized life and normative order’, which legally means: going to civil court first, where anyone can defend their Charter Rights first through civil remedy, and the civil liability is addressed before any assumption of criminal guilt is issued.

Now, to explain this in an easy to understand way
  What I’m proposing is that Canada needs to accept that the archetypal form of England is a superior form to our Canadian form, but instead of being accountable to the Queen,
We are all accountable to preserve our rights under the Charter

4000 years ago, I Chin called this:

lending a creative idea, to improve an existing archetypal form

To outline the historical overview of ‘civilized life’
It’s an easy argument to accept
 why no one wanted to be dragged in a courtroom where a merciless Bishop would hand down judgment under the ten Commandments, and
To put it bluntly,
 it’s easy to defend that this order was the probable cause of the dark ages of Europe, because the dark ages simply ended with the Act of Supremacy

Abandoning Papal rule with King Henry 8th rule, under the Supremacy Act
of 1534 was a bad idea that only lasted until 1559, and

Since then Queen Elizabeth 1st courts’

can arguably be called the best legal system around, because
it has adapted to the ‘colour’ of each nation, in its own case law

My contention is that nothing less than having civilized life be a part of our structure,
– [as opposed to apart from our structure] –
 is the only measure that will prevent the wrongdoing of R v Big M Drug Mart 1985 from reoccurring, where the total abandonment of Moses’ law was disguised under the pretense of abandoning the Lord’s Day Act, which occurred at the same time as a Bank Act,
on the same year that a newly elected Brian Mulroney converted everyone into warehouse receipts,
which is [in Canadian law] when, the law abandoned Moses law, in ‘form’

Now, my contention is that, any Justice would who was seized with this matter, under the Act of Supremacy, would  be obligated to forward this matter as a Petition to a tribunal,
[especially with the vested powers that the courts’ have graced themselves]

Now if this was the only issue before this Chief Justice then I would have to agree that this initiative could be ruled as frivolous and vexatious to the order of ‘things’, but it’s just one more element of a very compelling argument that This fulfills the prophecy contained in Struggling with Sin [Rom 7]
What is relevant about this pre ample is that:
In order to address my IDENTITY ISSUE I can press initiatives like this, and this Justice really has no option but to recognize them as relevant.
I am offering a proposal that: By simply applying a fundamentally ‘creative’ challenge to the Act,  
I get a chance to present a solution that I believe will be the solution to our generation’s challenge, which
– I perceive to be that unless we face metanoia
[a change of mindset], we will self destruct 

By Challenging the Act of Supremacy, I could initiate what I consider a superior archetypal form, and if they don’t like it they can dismiss it.   
But, they have to defend this in a written decision.

My contention is that: If we were to merge the order upheld in England under King George VI’s registry [my registry], with our Charter that we could create what Archibald Cox called in 1967

‘the wildest opportunity devised by man to remake society without the use of physical and economic force’
in his legal defense for totally abandon Moses’ law

2] To further my Act of Supremacy Challenge: 
– It’s irrefutable that: I was told, by a ruling in Appeals Court that the lowest jurisdiction where I could seek lawful remedy to my identity issue was with the Chief Justice.  
– What must be made clear is that I am not seeking a final remedy at my next court appearance; I am seeking remedy, with a SHORT LEAVE PETITION, to address my real need to have my identity issue resolved, in order to be issued a Passport, for my own security.
– I am the first to admit that my IDENTITY ISSUE is to say the least: the wildest possible set of coincidences that could possibly go wrong with a Birth Record, but frankly,
– It is hard to deny that this stumbling block now converts into the rock that makes them fall [in Romans 9:32]

Now, my need to get this Passport issued on Short Leave is,
by its very nature, prophetic
. As I see it there are so many references that say:‘ no prophet is ever recognized in his own town’, and that all kinds of weird natural disasters were attributed to a prophet who did not leave that to dispute the fact that I really have this strong urge to go, cannot be ignored, especially  when I use this initiative to express it, especially when there is so many pending disasters looming.    But Frankly, to be on the safe side, for everyone’s sake, I should leave, and/or have my identity issued

Now, I know the nay Sayers will argue that this is exploiting basic fear, but lawfully no Chief Justice can refuse to address a Passport to me, when I’m pleading this defense
He can address or forward this issue to a tribunal under Short Leave or dismiss it

Now if this was the only issue before this Chief Justice then

I would have to agree that this initiative could be ruled as frivolous and vexatious to the order of ‘things’, but it’s just one more element of a very compelling argument that I really do ‘hold’
the message of the Spirit of Life of Romans 7-on

3] To further my Act of Supremacy Challenge

The Act is the foundation of all oaths of Barristers Solicitors
 & all Public Officials to swear or affirm to uphold their allegiance to God – [not the Church].

My challenge is that to uphold God 
is an expression that simply does not exist in the Bible, And, I agree with the maxim that what is not directly prohibited cannot be implied, applies to upholding God, and that it really was the remedy that redressed the needs of that time, and
– To argue that they should have recognized Creation back then is true, and this contention is a perfectly good reason for everyone to agree that it’s no ‘body’s’ fault for not knowing

Now I also admit that upholding Creation is an expression that cannot be found in the Bible,
But to say that the only reason that such a simple and true notion could not be in the Bible is because if it’s the metanoia,
Then it could not even be common knowledge, until revealed,

This is hard to dispute that it’s the answer to so many Biblical riddles that it really can’t be ignored

Now, this very compelling initiative must be ruled frivolous and vexatious,
or forwarded as a Petition to a tribunal, because it really is the message of the new Covenant in Hebrews 10

Frankly, I can’t see how any Chief Justice, let alone Justice can ignore that CREATION is the metanoia to all ‘things’, especially when ‘upholding Creation’ literally redefines what everything is.
To ignore that Creation is and always was ‘everything substantive’
, and that by converting  to upholding Creation makes so much sense, let alone that it offers a really powerful solution to the biggest problem of our times, as a people, is so compelling,     [But then]

If this was the only issue before this Chief Justice then I would have to agree that this initiative could be ruled as frivolous and vexatious to the order of ‘things’, but it’s just one more element of a very compelling argument that this really holds the metanoia and new Covenant in Hebrews 10-on

4] To further my Act of Supremacy Challenge: 

It is also important to note that this Act upholds

‘the principle of the Supremacy of God’, and this principle was entirely based on the trust to uphold Moses’ law., and this is important to Canada, because it can be found in the first line of our 1867 Constitution, and again it’s importance can be confirmed when it was enshrined as the first line of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms; which does not just say, it is a formal Declaration that:
Canada is founded on the principle of the Supremacy of God and the rule of law
Now imagine:  This Justice must rule that if we convert the oaths to upholding Creation, then it’s only logical that this court would have to address the fact that our founding principle of upholding God would have to be converted to upholding
the principle of the Supremacy of God’s Creation

and have to declare that
This actually strengthens the courts need to uphold
‘the principles of fundamental Justice
, or in other words
‘preserve the form’
, which is what John Locke warned as paramount. 
My contention is that
the form that was created by the paper Queen’s of Elizabeth, in 1952, might have lasted longer than King Henry 8th’s despotism. 

But the courts must recognize is that

this Democratic Parliamentary System has evolved, since the creation of these paper Queens, into far worse than having to deal with one tyrant King, which is exactly what my IDENTITY ISSUE offers this court an opportunity to redress. 
If the court desires to do it, is a totally different issue

But if this was the only issue before this Chief Justice
then I would have to agree that this initiative could be ruled as frivolous and vexatious to the order of ‘things’, but it’s just one more element of a very compelling argument that
This I really holds the promise to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 40

What I’m trying to point out with this initiative is that:
My challenge to the Act in Canadian law  
is pale compared to the impact that this challenge will have on the rest of the world, because virtually every country in the world would be forced to address this challenge in their law;
My contention is that the Office can lawfully
totally ignore this initiative
which really exposes the true nature of the vise: it’s inherent in the Office.
No one is accountable for the colour of the body
– The only Peaceful solution is Petitioning the root causes, by challenging the Act.

This is created by the total abuse of ‘no one is above the rule of law’
and that every ‘body’ is above the rule of law
 – like

Any elected Cabinet of all level of government that issues ‘Orders in Council’ hold the Constitutional power to arbitrarily use power, and that after 50 years or ‘improving’ on a deliberately flawed form, virtually every elected and appointed body is above liability of the law, and these bodies did this in collusion with a body called the Banks, and this meant colouring the police into a body by appointing them to Parliamentary Council, and it will never get better,.because virtually any ‘body’ in power is vesting authority that are all based on having violated Moses’ law.

John Locke defined it as TYRANNY,
 which occurred from AUTHORITY ‘taking what no body doth have a right to take’, which is a direct result of violating Moses’ law

It’s irrefutable that our Democratic Parliamentary form has been perverted,
with these paper Queens into a form that is so fundamentally worse than any 1-despot King ever could be.

Wake up, all bad forms redress.  
But to ignore the good tidings of this offer that is literally being given to you, and to not seize the moment is a consequence that we really don’t need to face.    
But, it’s not my call

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