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Q & on delivering the message of our total about face [metanoia]

What is metanoia?  In Ancient History 
[it’s Greek with its own lore] 
It’s a 2600 year old Greek word that means ‘change of mindset’ and/or a total about face in our way of thinking, and describes the appearance of a phenomenon during Alexander the Great’s era [at the time when Greece came to domination] that made it stand out. 
Here’s why it sparked so much attention
[the greater scope of which has been lost in time]

There’s a truly great city called Nineveh
in Northern Iraq that is/was one of the 7 wonders of the world.  Its ruins are impressive and the magnitude of its destruction is staggering, [which came suddenly & swiftly].
 At its prime, it was far greater than Rome and it held this greatness for about 3000 years.  
The Ninevites’ exploits were the source /foundation of the legends of all mythical gods.

The prophet Jonah was sent to save the Ninevites and failed. 
Both are mentioned in Jesus’ prophecy when he says [in Luke 11-Mat 12] that at the end of our times, there will be no miracles; the only sign will be one greater than Jonah, who will deliver the message of metanoia a change of mindset, which causes the appearance of the men of the Nineveh who chastise the wicked generation

To outline the Power in unleashing a metanoia:
[the wall is about all that is left of what was the greatest city ever]
Wikipedia link on Nineveh and its history
History books of the region show, THAT:
the Greeks conquered the whole area with little resistance, & a new world order was introduced: namely our Democratic social structure /principles based on law, and a superior masonic construction. 
It was adopted very quickly, in this region of the world.& sparked a Golden Age

– The records showed that this pile of ruins was created about a decade before the Greeks got there, and in spite of these ruins being still ripe with death of an estimated 25,000 unburied corps.[to this day]
They found in amazement that absolutely nobody [local to the area] could remember anything about this place, not even its name, in spite of local history showing actual records of its domination in riches and lore.  

The greatest and long lasting legacy of the Ninevites is that
every nation hates any association with them. They were especially hated by jews because they destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple

Another example of a big negative metanoia is Babel where God removed our ability to talk to each other, and dispersed us as tribes,
[We are reuniting as one, once again]

An example of a positive METANOIA occurred in 1559 [ I’m saying the Act of Supremacy triggered it – because the Dark Ages simply stopped with it. – I’m convinced that the same dark forces that suppressed this era’s mindset is as present today as it was then ,due to the total abomination to a higher order that is occurring because of this New World Order.
and 1559 is seen as a big sign that the ‘Age of Enlightenment‘ started.
– I attribute it to be a good sign that The Act of Supremacy was a move in the right direction It caused a liberating affect
THE METANOIA showed itself in all art [all over the world] changed from flat 2-D images to full 3-D perspective.
This EUREKA event was 1st recorded in Barcelona BUT it happened all over the world at the same time. [in spite of the fact that there was no method to communicate all over the world at that time in history]
METANOIA Is all about when everybody has a change of mindset at the same time
What I’m offering is the re-awakening the COLLECTIVE CONSCIENCE of the Ancients
1Cor4:20 – “This is not about talk, it’s about power”

History & especially lore proves that this phenomenon exists
,and the promise across all creeds is that we will enter into Paradise on Earth from a positive METANOIA, which is ignited by the revealing of a simple yet hidden Truth that will seem so righteous, as to be self-evident once revealed.
– The entire History of mankind was wiped clean
by a METANOIA with Adam and Eve AND
This METANOIA is God’s promise of everything going back to His original plan for us 
The mindset of the Ancients was taken away in the blink of an eye and it will awaken in the blink of an eye. It will happen to everyone all at once. It’s God’s promise of a new Creation

Ps: There’s a general resignation of the masses to our impending doom because all kinds of experts predict that within our lifetime,
we will self destruct, without a total about face in our way of thinking
I’m here to deliver this very simple message of Hope, and
– what must be made clear is that:I am held to a Holy trust to not vest its power.
  It’s totally contrary to the new order of things. 
I’m revealing what’s called the message of the Spirit of Life and delivering the New Covenant The message that I’m delivering will change everything as we know it – Paradise on earth is first and foremost
“a total about face in how we think”

It’s absolutely painless if you surrender to Love & it will destroy you to resist it. Consequently the prophecy of Paradise is for everyone who believes the message of righteousness is fulfilled whether they heard it of not, & if oath holders care not to deliver the message is their problem, because either way we the people are delivered from evil or
we are save from evil men
METANOIA in Modern terms is commonly called Paradigm Shift, and science has documented a lot of real examples of where our way of thinking [METANOIA]
has changed due to the influence of some new notion or development


These extracts from Wikipedia on paradign shifts really does go in detail of

Examples of paradigm shifts in science[edit] Examples of paradigm shifts in complex systems and organizations

Other uses

The term “paradigm shift” has found uses in other contexts, representing the notion of a major change in a certain thought-pattern a radical change in personal beliefs, complex systems or organizations, replacing the former way of thinking or organizing with a radically different way of thinking or organizing:

  • Handa, M. L., a professor of sociology in education at O.S.E. University of TorontoCanada, developed the concept of a paradigm within the context of social sciences. He defines what he means by “paradigm” and introduces the idea of a “social paradigm”. In addition, he identifies the basic component of any social paradigm. Like Kuhn, he addresses the issue of changing paradigms, the process popularly known as “paradigm shift.” In this respect, he focuses on the social circumstances which precipitate such a shift. Relatedly, he addresses how that shift affects social institutions, including the institution of education.
  • The concept has been developed in economics (Giovanni Dosi) in the identification of new techno-economic paradigms as changes in technological systems that have a major influence on the behaviour of the entire economy. This concept is linked to Schumpeter‘s idea of “creative gales of destruction”. Examples include the move to mass production, and the introduction of microelectronics.
  • The mainstream availability in the U.S. of the female birth control pills in the 1960s, combined with effective new treatments for venereal diseases, led to the Sexual Revolution that accompanied many other shifts in attitudes and ideas during that period.
  • A widely distributed picture of the Earth entitled “Earthrise” taken from the moon by astronauts is thought by some to have deeply affected the consciousness of humanity in helping to usher in the environmentalist movement which gained great prominence in the years immediately following distribution of that image.

Some of the “classical cases” of Kuhnian paradigm shifts in science are:

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