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My Challenge to the Act of Supremacy
of 1559

Holds the promise of Peace on Earth

Absolutely everyone is entitled to a valid

Because my birth record is so screwed up means I’ve never had one issued
Under Sec 337 CCC Paul Hancock must deliver me to the proper authority or issue me an original BIRTH CERTFICATE [period]

With this document a Justice did ‘address’ my identity issue. – I got an answer as to who could rule on my identity issue

I was told that nothing less than the Chief Justice level was where I could seek remedy, and rather than sending me to him, this Appeals Cout sent me packing to a Panel, [without seizing the file], and this panel dismissed the case because I was in the wrong courtroom. [without seizing the file]

[quasi-legal] Justice is full of clever tricks; By not seizing the file, they are not lawfully responsible for reading it, and or ruling on it, and they can legally do this forever in order to avoid any issue, because they have perverted the law

Now in order to get to a Chief Justice means I have to file a Petition, and when I tried to do this, I was served a document titled GAG ORDER telling me that I must go through a solicitor.

So this means i can address a GAG ORDER with our new Mayor Sam Sullivan, because it was issued by the previous administration in 2005. So this caused me to get creative, in order to have someone seize my file, and challenge an old GAG ORDER, and deliver my identity issue to a Chief Justice in one document.

Failure to seize the file caused me to file and seize Paul Hancock,
the DIRECTOR of the City of Vancouver, for an original BIRTH CERTIFICATE [this they cannot avoid] [which is posted here and in the top link above]

March 14th, 2007       

FILED IN:    THE COURT OF APPEALS SDG           file:  # CA33602

RE:      To providing clarity to my identity issue, and insight to the nature of the damages award

My statement of birth was defaced (fraudulently converted) in 1989 by the Deputy Registrar of Ontario. 
This means that under sec 340 CCC, the ‘Queen’ has broken the contract to ‘hold’ my person
Therefore, She has no authority (at all) over me, until this fraudulent possession is addressed.
            Because this crime was committed against an ‘adult’ makes me a slave (period), under Sec 338 CCC
–    Had I asked for a 2nd Passport since then, would ‘imply that I agree’ to this conversion; I ‘will’ not do this.
As I brought up on my March 7th date; this court must ‘address’ this Passport issue, (or) this society itself becomes a prison, and that by resolving this issue we create a way to peacefully return to ‘civilized life’
            (in law) I hold a court order where I cannot address my identity issue with my M.P. – Libby Davies
As to attached documentation this position constitutes criminal insanity by the Crown and Libby
The solution to my Passport, by definition, must be resolved before I am issued a second Passport, on the belief that I cannot stay or leave without resolving a guarantee to the ‘security of my person’ with this issue.
I am ‘entitled’ to a Passport that does not deprive me of my birthright; under Sec 340 CCC, no judge can refuse to recognize me, or ignore my desire to be a Canadian Subject of King George’s Registry
By issuing me a Canadian Passport, as a citizen under duress, under a claim of right means that any (crime) perceived offense of trespassing on the Crown’s domain must be heard in civil court first; this means that I can benefit from a defense, under Sec 39 CCC, to uphold God’s Creation, under the Charter of Rights.
This means that no one who subscribes under this claim of right can be treated criminally first, and by definition, this remedy is defined as ‘civilization’: it’s fulfilling the promise to return to ‘civilized life’
In order to preclude the arbitrary use of power under Freedom of Expression to uphold Creation
Constitutionally no court can obstruct or deny anyone from benefiting from this Association, and no court,
let alone, a panel can ignore that the real jurisdiction of this case actually stands under: Boyer v R

When I was arraigned, the judge agreed that I was charged with ‘a crime of thought’ and asked me to file for damages.   I handed my denial of consent to be governed except under the Supremacy of God’s rule of law.
            (That’s it) and I clearly outlined my identity issue in this document to hold my entitlement as inaliable
From this point on, the Crown had no case;  everyone who held this file were placed in total stupor, absolutely everyone went out of their way to prove they could deprive me of any and all my rights.
When I went to this final trial date, I refused to stand under the Charter, or a Charter Challenge, and made it clear that I was standing under the founding principle of Canada and the Supremacy of God’s rule of law,
            In fact, Judge Bruce, lamented that this was a highly unusual, and she correctly agreed to proceed  
I then delivered an ‘iron clad’ defense to be a ‘private individual, under the Elections Act, and that under the Marijuana Party, we could protect our members from benefiting from God’s rule of law under positive law. 
            In fact, my defense (as outlined in an attached file) of defending God’s rule of law went on for hours,
Judge Bruce correctly did not state the Charter in her Reasons for Sentencing, but She also made no direct reference to God’s (or any) rule of law.  This omission in her ruling is by definition: criminal insanity [DCL]
This liability of a Sec 336 CCC violation, by definition, converts this jurisdiction to:  Boyer v Regina  
Under sec 337 CCC – I seek probate that reverses a fundamental flaw in this ruling: 
Everyone and every body must stand under God’s rule of law as Supreme

To excuse Her omission [in line 7] She transfers this liability onto Elections Canada for my mistaken belief, which clearly forces me, under Sec 8 CCC in self-defense, to drag Jean Pierre Kingsley into this case file
            The liability created by the nonfeasance from this natural person converts this liability to: Boyer v R
The liability created by calling the Governor General on Her trust, after the Writ is dropped aggravates this liability to reveal the true nature of this offense.  John Locke defined it tyranny: it was created by serving two masters. The crime is TREACHERY: defined as collusion with the treasury to convert a country’s rule of law 
            It’s an international crime being committed by those who are supposed to defend society from it.
As stated in court:       We live in the most criminally organized society in the history of mankind
This truly is the wicked generation, outlined by Jesus in Matthew 23; we are living in the end times
            My contention is that: collusion between the Bank Act and Brian Mulroney has created a ‘vice’ that cranks tighter every 5 years, since 1987, which enables the banks to rule as a natural person, and improve the racket of converting everyone to warehouse receipts, under a new perverted definition of colore officii, which totally perverted the law through an addiction to lexicography, by standing under roman & feudal law
–  My contention is that the BAR swore an oath to the bankster’s rule of law in 1993, due to improvements made to the 1992 Sunset provisions, and that ‘Civilian Oversight’ in the 1998 Police Act was created by the 1997 Sunset provisions, and this robbery in 2002 enabled foreign police to trespass any jurisdiction, at will. 
–  Stephen Harper ‘gave’ everything that encompasses Maritime jurisdiction to NATO, within the first 100-days in Office.   All it needs is 1-more election, and it doesn’t matter who wins, we all loose…
It’s inevitable that IF this panel does not seize a moment to intervene in this round of the Sunset provisions that banksters will seize my file to MUSTer one giant leap into perversion, because they just can’t help it
Robbery is not a crime; it’s one authority exorcizing authority in another jurisdiction under this new colore officii, which now is defined as “under economic duress”, under this undefined ‘rule of nature’.
My Lord’s nature is like ‘a hen wanting to gather her children under her wings’; but this not Baal’s nature

In regard to my damages award and a tribunal:     The very nature of this damages award is apocalyptic;
            It’s being pressed by the same natural person who is delivering the message of the Spirit of life.
A tribunal understands strictly administrative law, and holds more power than a Queen and any bank (period) –   She serves the best interest of society itself, especially when seized with the trust of fulfilling Romans 13. 
It’s my opinion that this panel could register an intervener, and transfer this liability to a tribunal to enforce.
–  This tribunal could administer the trust, and redeem every debt in the world, simply by recognizing the opportunity created by my case files. This tribunal must hold the trust until the Messiah returns.      So be it.
Imagine:          In so doing, the courts rule over the banks, under the trust of upholding Creation…
            It would mean a banking system where there is no usury; all of society would unite under this trust,
To fulfill prophecy, the BAR created its own snare and trap, and by recognizing this stumbling block,
You are being offered retribution.  In order to earn it, legally means paying off the fraud created by the seven wicked sisters.  Technically it’s robbing the banks, but it’s not.  This damage award redeems this liability, by paying these notes from K George’s treasury, created by the notes of this paper Queen in order to administer this trust and treasure, as to Jesus’ parable of the ten talents, until the Messiah returns.

The need to pay all debt is important to the whole simply because it’s key to metanoia (a paradigm shift)
By  definition, to believe that: nothing would happen to our collective conscious, that nothing would be generated from the collective sigh of hope created from all debt forgiven, means you’re in stupor.
Do you believe in miracles? I do.  I am convinced that the Creation itself will be liberated with just this sigh,  

Imagine:  The transformation into awakening has nothing to do with me. It’s what we do with it that counts. 
This offer really can only be pressed once, in order to be revealed to those who did not ask for Him. Rom 10
            The simplicity of the hidden message in Romans 8-on is that: to uphold Creation is the Spirit of life,
                        It’s being meek; it’s sharing in the burden and sharing in the glory, in order to inherit the earth
The impact of providing an answer to this age old riddle is that from this point on we are empowered by God Almighty to act, in order to prevent a bloodbath that is totally avoidable, by following the law. Recognize that you are being offered, as promised, a chance to enter our Golden Age in Paradise. 

In the event that anyone wants to dispute the fact that we face God’s promise in the 2nd commandment, of 1000 generations, can but you are in denial of the obvious. This millennium is converting to a new Creation
It’s the message that counts it’s not the messenger, in fact everyone will object to something I say, it’s the message of hope that cannot be ignored.  I am driven to the wonder that lies in Rom 13:  
All debt will be forgiven, except the debt of love for your neighbor;   it then lists 5 commandments.
Ps:       Freedom is contained in this cornerstone of law: “what is not directly prohibited cannot be implied”
–   These missing commandments mean a multi cultural society exists; and to me, the most glaring commandment that’s missing is: “we cannot lie”– It’s gone!    Its absence defines our evolution to mankind
Imagine: To be in an awakening means anyone who is not awake cannot succeed in lying to you;
Lying becomes a futile act; we know fully as well as you are fully known within the Creation.
The tree of life is being joined to the tree of knowledge to the glorious freedom of all God’s children.   Jesus Christ said that he was in nature not of nature.  My message is the same, it’s all within you.


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