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They busted Al Capone on tax laws, not any criminal activity that he was doing.

To avoid this criminal liability
some compassion clubs have been applying for GST and PST tax numbers, and medical access providers, (like growers), are filing taxes on their income; But, this status does not make them legal.

As it was explained to me: a bank robber could apply and get a GST tax number for their business, but it doesn’t make it legal. because the activity is not ‘recognized’, by any form of government. Even Health Canada’s MMAR program does not sell you marijuana: when you look at the document they attach with the delivery, you are actually paying for the paper receipt, and the pot just happens to be there.
It’s total hypocrisy, (but that’s what this politician is fighting)

So my Catch-22 solution is to get recognition for not being recognized:

In order to do this, I went to Revenue Canada and filed very truthful answers to a GST license application form, <as a EDA Official applying for a GST tax #>, and after arguing with the head man of Revenue Canada, he told me flat out that under Revenue Canada’s regulations, he could not give me a GST #, for a whole series of valid reasons. (I’ll write a detailed outline on this when I find time)
– I thanked him, and accepted his offer, which really upset him, because that’s not what he wanted to hear. I asked him: Just because he could not collect taxes on my political activity did that mean that I could not do my political activity? He refused to answer this and refused to give a letter to confirm that he refused to give me a tax number, because I insisted that he would have had to give me the reason for not giving me a GST number, in writing. With this GST application rejection, I filed for a ruling

This document outlines a Notice of Intent on how my federal Marijuana Party EDA can legally sell cannabis as medicine, and I placed a Notice of Understanding and the critical information here is that – I paid for an Elections Canada and Revenue Canada tax rulings:

Ps: By paying a fee for a ruling, they are in law contractually bound to reply.

 Click Here: To read my Revenue Canada /Elections Canada request for a ruling.   Ps: On a 1-page doc: I Outlined my situation. I asked for a yes or no response to 1-sentence (that only had a yes response), & In order to make this binding,
I sent this 2nd document the next day

As anticipated they did not respond: and

Legally, when you ‘pay’ for a ruling and they don’t respond means that- they can’t later say that they object or charge me for doing anything in the document.
On the grounds of Belief THAT Uptil now I was protected by- “what is not directly prohibited cannot be implied, therefore legal.” and I now have documentation to show that Revenue /Elections Canada filed no objection to a Notice of Understanding, therefore stand-under this contract

The Conclusion of this ruling is THAT:

1) Under Freedom of Association
It’s legal for any private individual of an affiliated compassion club to sell cannabis (as medicine, at an arm’s length agreement with my EDA) under the Elections Act, as long as its done within a structured private membership compassion club, because a political party has an express guarantee to form an association that attracts social and political participation, and this guarantee extends to ‘protecting’ minority beliefs, under freedom of expression

2) Under Freedom of Association, of the Parti Marijuana Party

Authority cannot interfere with the ‘activity’ of members who provide medicine to the association, in order to protect medical access rights of individual members:
This activity in protected under sec-39 CCC DEFENSE WITH CLAIM OF RIGHT, and all members have the right to trespass on Crown’s domain in peaceful possession of personal property

3) Revenue Canada cannot collect taxes on an official party’s ‘activity’, as long as the party spends its profit on legitimate political expenses, and promotional activity to get elected,

Because by not answering this legal contract to get a ruling, means they are not challenging the claim of right that was being expressed in these documents

Since, at the time of this ruling, I was still facing charges in Provincial court for exactly what this document said was legal, means that I committed no crime , and it means that I can use this ruling, to file civil /criminal proceedings in Supreme Court, a Writ of Summons against Chief Constable Graham to sue him for damages by seizing his BOND, for violating a political party’s territorial rights

* In law this is called CIVILIZATIONwhich is taking a case from criminal court to civil court….


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